Prolonged Sitting: The Invisible Killer of Chronic Diseases


In today's modern world, most of us spend a lot of time sitting down. Whether we're working, studying, playing games, or watching TV, we often stay in one position for hours at a time. Although prolonged sitting feels comfortable and convenient, it can greatly harm our health.

Prolonged sitting increases the risks of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, back pain, and cervical spondylosis. Staying motionless for extended periods lowers our metabolic rate and disrupts normal insulin secretion. It also causes muscle stiffness leading to back and neck pain.

Take Breaks Every 30 Minutes for Better Health

To avoid the dangers of prolonged sitting, we can take breaks to move around every 30 minutes. Simple stretches, walking around, or going to refill your water are easy ways to get moving. If you work at a computer for long stretches, change your posture and avoid staying in one position.

Proper sitting posture is also important. Keep your back straight and hands on the desk or lap. Feet should be flat on the floor and your chair at an appropriate height. You can also use a small footstool by the computer to stand periodically.

Making these small changes can reduce the risks of prolonged sitting and lead to better health. Movement is the fountain of health - let's start taking a break to move every 30 minutes and stay away from the many health threats caused by excessive sitting.



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