Walking with a Cane for Effortless Weight Loss! Their Journey with Nordic Walking – What Happened Next?


Nordic Walking: Effortless Exercise with Multi-Benefits – A Surprising Fitness Journey!

Feeling that regular walking has limited health benefits and looking for a versatile exercise without the fatigue? Enter Nordic Walking, the Nordic sensation that has taken the world by storm. A British lawyer, initially skeptical after treadmill workouts felt monotonous, shed an astonishing 50 kilograms through Nordic Walking! Similarly, an engineer's six-week challenge revealed a 40% increase in calorie burn compared to regular walking. Scientific studies indicate that Nordic Walking offers multiple benefits with lower risk of injuries, making it ideal for promoting wellness in the aging population. Curious about their experiences and how to get started?

Engineer's Six-Week Challenge: Burning 40% More Calories Than Traditional Walking

Two years ago, engineer Darshak Rana embraced Nordic Walking as part of his pre-charity run training. Initially amusing, he found this low-intensity exercise to be engaging, improving his focus on each step due to the walking poles. Astonishingly, after six weeks, data from his Apple Watch revealed a 40% increase in calorie burn compared to regular walking. Rana also experienced enhanced core muscle engagement, significantly improving his overall fitness. In the end, what seemed like a casual stroll with poles elevated his endurance, effortlessly completing a 10-kilometer charity run within an hour.

Origin of Nordic Walking: A Cardio Workout Derived from Skiing

But what exactly is Nordic Walking, and how does it differ from ordinary walking? Originating in Finland as a summer training alternative for skiers, this activity involves walking with specially designed poles. Recognized for its ability to activate upper body muscles, increase energy expenditure, and provide comprehensive cardiovascular fitness, Nordic Walking gained global popularity over two decades. In Taiwan, communities have embraced this activity, even experimenting with DIY bamboo poles.

How to Nordic Walk? Is it Difficult to Master?

Wondering how to execute Nordic Walking and if it's challenging? In essence, it's akin to skiing without the snow. Participants use Nordic Walking poles to engage their upper bodies, propelling themselves forward rather than relying solely on their legs. While it may feel unusual initially, adaptation is achievable with time. Joining a community or seeking guidance from a professional coach can enhance the learning process.

Scientifically Proven Benefits for Seniors

Numerous studies affirm that Nordic Walking surpasses traditional walking in boosting heart rate, oxygen consumption, cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility. Especially touted for seniors, a 2016 study analyzing data from a group aged over 65 for 21 years found that Nordic Walking improves health and quality of life without increasing injury risk. Additionally, a study comparing traditional walking, weight training, and Nordic Walking in elderly participants conducted by Professor Nobuo Takeshima's team at Asahi University in 2013 revealed that Nordic Walking offers the most comprehensive benefits, simultaneously improving upper body strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. In essence, it's a one-for-three deal, making it the perfect choice for seniors looking for a simple yet effective exercise routine.


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