The 'Low-Temperature Weight Loss Method' Boosts Fat Burning by 20%, Eating the Right 3 Foods Accelerates the Process

The 'Low-Temperature Weight Loss Method' Boosts Fat Burning by 20%, Eating the Right 3 Foods Accelerates the Process

Low Temperatures Boost Energy Expenditure

Do we all believe that winter inevitably leads to gaining weight with full bellies and plenty of sleep? Well, scientists tell us that this is a misconception. When our bodies are exposed to cold temperatures, it instinctively triggers the burning of fat for self-generated heat to maintain body temperature. Therefore, under low temperatures, the energy expenditure of the body is higher than usual. According to a foreign study, energy expenditure at 19°C is nearly 20% higher than at 27°C.

Cold Temperatures Aid Brown Fat Activation, Increasing Calorie Burn

This concept is based on the fact that the human body has different types of fat, simplistically categorized as bad fat (white fat) and good fat (brown fat). White fat is stored for later use and is often undesirable. On the other hand, brown fat is more favorable as it burns energy to produce heat. The more activated brown fat tissue, the greater the energy consumption by the body. Is it truly a good kind of fat? However, brown fat tissue is most developed during infancy and diminishes with age, making fat accumulation a part of aging.

But not to worry, as mentioned earlier, scientists have informed us that exposure to low temperatures can activate brown fat tissue. The question remains, how low should the temperature be? You only need to stay in temperatures around 19°C for 2 hours each day, continuously for 6 weeks, to stimulate brown fat and increase daily calorie consumption by 250 calories!

Three Foods that Promote Brown Fat Burning without Freezing

Many might find the idea of subjecting oneself to freezing temperatures a bit too extreme. Does losing weight have to mean shivering in the cold? Fear not! As a food expert, I prioritize solving things through diet.

Indeed, there are many foods that can deceive the body into perceiving low temperatures, thus inducing the calorie-burning effect of activated brown fat. Certain foods contain special phytochemicals, acting like keys that, when ingested, stimulate the body's receptors (keyholes). This activation triggers the brain and sympathetic nervous system, leading to the secretion of adrenaline, thereby activating brown fat to burn calories.

So, which foods have this effect?

1. Chili Peppers: Chili peppers are currently the most talked-about food that can activate brown fat, mainly due to the presence of capsaicin. Some health food companies in the United States even purify non-spicy capsaicin for marketing as a weight-loss supplement.

2. Mint: Mint contains menthol, which produces a similar effect. After consuming mint, the mouth and throat feel a cooling sensation.

3. Wasabi: Wasabi, also known as Japanese horseradish, contains allyl isothiocyanate, an organic sulfur compound. Other cruciferous vegetables like mustard, radishes, and horseradish also contain this compound, providing a spicy and tear-inducing taste.

These foods are easily accessible and friendly. Interested in giving them a try? However, I must emphasize that not everyone can indulge in stimulating foods, and it depends on individual tolerance. Also, don't overconsume for the sake of weight loss. Of course, combining these foods with the natural opportunity of cold temperatures to activate the body's heating mechanism, by spending more time outside, is a natural and cost-effective way to lose weight (just be cautious not to catch a cold).

Perhaps outdoors, enjoying a spicy hot pot, dipping into wasabi sauce, and finishing with mint chewing gum would be the ultimate combination. It seems like a perfect match for the 10°C weather bestowed upon us by Mother Nature.


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