Is eating three meals a day necessary, or is it a conspiracy theory?


Most people aren't experts or nutritionists, including myself. Sometimes I find myself questioning the necessity of eating three meals a day. Who decided on this, and why is it so ingrained in everyone's minds? Especially during childhood, parents always emphasize the importance of three meals a day. They insist on having breakfast, claiming it's crucial for energy and focus during the morning classes. But often, despite having breakfast, I'd still feel sleepy at school, unaware that it was due to staying up late the previous night. Lack of sleep affects alertness, and breakfast couldn't compensate for the lost rest. Sleep, particularly during childhood, is paramount!

There's a saying: "The emperor's breakfast, the minister's lunch, the beggar's dinner." It implies having a hearty breakfast, a filling lunch, and a light dinner. However, in reality, it's challenging to follow. Modern mornings are rushed, grabbing a quick breakfast on the go, not leisurely preparing and enjoying a meal at home. Lunchtime is also tight, leaving only evenings with slightly more time to relax and reward oneself after a tiring day.

In this era of advanced science, numerous theories have emerged. Some advocate for the traditional three meals a day, while others propose intermittent fasting methods like 10/14, 16/8, or 20/4, even advocating for full-day or three-day fasting. Then there are diets like keto, low-sugar, low-carb, and various other theories. New studies and papers seem to emerge regularly, leaving us questioning their validity.

Many of these theories are derived from sampled groups and research. However, each region has its dietary habits, climate, and external factors, leading to potential biases. Some elderly individuals eat minimally every day, yet they live long and healthy lives despite their dietary differences from research findings. So, who's right and who's wrong?

The body, this enigmatic entity, remains mysterious. Despite advancements in research, it hasn't fully revealed all its secrets. It retains an unfathomable aspect! There's no one-size-fits-all answer; it's about finding what works for oneself. Perhaps discovering a personal approach that satisfies individual needs makes the number of meals irrelevant.


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