Preventing Dryness and Air Pollution in Air-Conditioned Rooms: A Simple Solution

Air-conditioned rooms are a popular escape from the scorching heat during summer. However, spending prolonged periods in an air-conditioned environment can lead to certain health issues, particularly dryness and air pollution. To combat these problems, a simple and effective solution is to place a glass or a bowl of water inside the air-conditioned room.

Dryness is a common issue in air-conditioned rooms. When the AC operates, it tends to remove moisture from the air, leaving it dry. Prolonged exposure to dry conditions can result in dry skin, sore throat, coughing, and other discomforts. By placing a glass or a bowl of water in the air-conditioned room, the humidity level can be increased, making the air more pleasant and reducing the negative effects of dryness on the body.

Additionally, air pollution in air-conditioned rooms is a concern that needs attention. While the air conditioning system may filter out some pollutants, harmful substances can still accumulate over time when the room is sealed. These pollutants include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dust, pollen, and bacteria. Placing a glass or a bowl of water in the room can help reduce the concentration of pollutants in the indoor air, providing fresher air quality.

When choosing where to place the water, it depends on the size of the air-conditioned room and personal preference. A glass of water is suitable for smaller spaces like bedrooms or offices, while a bowl of water is more suitable for larger areas such as living rooms or conference rooms. Additionally, adding indoor plants can further increase humidity and improve air quality.

In conclusion, placing a glass or a bowl of water in an air-conditioned room is a simple yet effective method to prevent dryness and air pollution. It increases humidity, minimizing the adverse effects of dry conditions on the body, and reduces the concentration of pollutants in the indoor air, providing a fresher and healthier environment. Give this method a try in your air-conditioned room and enjoy the cool and comfortable ambiance while safeguarding your well-being.


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