Understanding and Overcoming Daytime Sleepiness in Summer

Summer is a season cherished for its sunny days and outdoor activities. However, for some individuals, daytime sleepiness becomes a common struggle during this time of the year. Such fatigue can disrupt one's daily life and productivity. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind feeling drowsy in the daytime during summer and explore effective strategies to overcome this issue.

Why Do We Feel Sleepy in the Summer?

1. Heat and Energy Regulation:

During the summer, temperatures rise, and intense sunlight can cause fatigue and drowsiness. When the body is exposed to high temperatures, it works hard to maintain a stable body temperature, requiring additional energy. This energy transfer can lead to feelings of tiredness, resulting in daytime sleepiness.

2. Sleep Quality:

High temperatures and bright sunlight can also impact sleep quality. Heat and light can disturb sleep, leading to inadequate rest during the night. If your sleep is disrupted, you will likely experience daytime fatigue and a strong desire to nap.

Strategies to Improve Daytime Sleepiness in Summer:

1. Create a Cool Sleep Environment:

Ensure that your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature during the night. Utilize fans or air conditioning to regulate indoor temperature. Additionally, eliminate excess light sources, keeping the room dark and quiet to enhance sleep quality.

2. Adjust Your Sleep Schedule:

Whenever possible, engage in outdoor activities during the early morning or evening, avoiding the midday period when the sun is at its peak. This reduces exposure to direct sunlight and assists your body in regulating energy and sleep requirements more effectively.

3. Take Adequate Breaks and Power Naps:

If you feel tired during the day, allow yourself short breaks. Consider taking power naps, but be cautious not to oversleep as it might interfere with your nighttime sleep.

4. Monitor Diet and Hydration:

In summer, sweating is common, and it's crucial to replenish fluids regularly. Proper hydration helps maintain normal bodily functions and reduces fatigue. Opt for light and easily digestible foods that provide sustained energy without causing excessive tiredness.

5. Engage in Moderate Exercise:

Engaging in moderate exercise during summer can boost vitality and endurance. Choose cooler periods for indoor or early morning outdoor workouts, avoiding vigorous activities during the hottest part of the day to minimize fatigue.


Daytime sleepiness during summer can result from various factors, including high temperatures, light exposure, and sleep disruptions. By creating a comfortable sleep environment, adjusting your schedule, taking adequate breaks, monitoring diet and hydration, and engaging in moderate exercise, you can improve your energy levels and alertness during the day. Let us fully embrace the joys of summer while maintaining our vitality and liveliness.


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